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A father of two girls, Kisa & Zoha (aged 9 and 5) and a husband to Maliha Nasser an experienced Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist & Cupping Therapist, Baqar Nasser is a man with a vision. Together with his family, they are the epitome of modern family goals, geared towards health and fitness. Backed by discipline, hard work, ethics and commitment, Nasser has achieved many accolades to tell a story that is, at once, inspiring and motivating.


Keen on changing the way people view fitness and health, Baqar Nasser introduced the concept of holistic body transformations, working with 14,000+ clients from all walks of life. These include celebrities, athletes, sportsmen, models, men, women, teenagers and senior citizens. From tailor-made diet plans to 24/7 health coaching dispensed on a one-on-one basis, Nasser works with people of all fitness levels, including the obese and the physically challenged and those who struggle with pre-existing health conditions and addictions. His main forte lies in sculpting and conditioning the body through a mix of versatile training techniques, dispensed within a specific time frame for visible results. Driven by passion, energy and a disciplined focus towards health, nutrition, strength training and HIIT cardio workouts, Nasser leaves no stone unturned when it comes to motivating clients, smashing goals, changing mindsets and inspiring a total lifestyle transformation in record time. Working alongside celebrities and their rigorous shooting schedules, Nasser’s greatest strength lies in achieving the impossible and transforming people for the role they want to embrace in life and a few of those who testify to his strength training include the likes of Sunjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra, Tina Ambani and Sunil Shetty to name only a few.


Credited by the Economic Times with an official title and certification of a 'Fitness Doctor', Nasser is also the pioneer of indoor cycling (spin cycling) in India. His speciality lies in scientifically assessing each body type and customizing a tailor-made workout and diet regimen to achieve any health and fitness goal. Known for his knack of understanding every body type, including personality and hormone profile, and working with the most challenging cases, Nasser’s clients testify to his training techniques that incorporate a whole lot of heart and soul, love and care, dedication and patience. These testimonials are proof of his work which have stood the test of time.