Fitness is my top priority & that's why i do TOPSPIN. TOPSPIN is one such thing i promote to everybody cause if you do spinning your health is better in the coming future, I have been doing it from last 5 years. This is one thing that i personally have always endorse because not does it only makes you fit but also get a smile on your face. I belive smile is a curve line that makes everything straight let's just put it up for BAQAR. Spinnathon is something that doesn't need introduction, Baqar Nasser do not need introduction National champion, Doctor who cured millions this is personally what i endorse.

Neil Nitin Mukesh

A sport that i have not been involved in, its Baqar's contribution which he has made the the heart rate monitor very popular, which means you can exercise in a certain level and you know exactly what level you are exercising.

Milind Soman

Baqar helped me get ripped

Sahil Khan

Baqar helped me get ripped

Salman Khan

baqar helped me get ripped

Sanjay Dutt

I dont think i would have the guts to participate in Spinnathon it's really very Intense, certain amount of cardio is very important like running or spinning, I have been asked to spin before, I normally run for about an hour, but usually 25 mins of such class gives me an hour feeling.

Saif Ali Khan

For me Topspin is something that Suneil shetty introduced it to me, every morning he use to take me to do indoor cycling class for an hour and then we use to go to shoot. & Baqar who is the spin master that's what he think he is and what we all call him, he i think is someone who helped me to know my stamina make me more fitter then I am, I think spinning is a great thing if we do it regularly.

Ritesh Deshmukh

This is one of the toughest sport to be a part of, i endorse it from the bottom of my heart, i endorse it because it helps build stamina , it builds confidence in yourself.

Suneil Shetty

baqar helped me get ripped

Irfan Pathan

They look like an Energetic a lot and it all looks so exciting that if i wore my track's and T-Shirt i would have also wanted to sit and spin here, this is something i really enjoy i love to spin.

Bipasha Basu

baqar helped me get ripped

Akshay Khanna

baqar helped me get ripped

Sonali Bendre

baqar helped me get ripped

Sudhanshu Pandey

baqar helped me get ripped

Amisha Patel

baqar helped me get ripped

Madhur Bhandarkar

Its fun i have done spinning i am in 2 minds whether i should participate or not. I have been spinning for over a year ago but these vibes, these moves the enviroment and the Stamina is something else all together & i love dancing as well so normally when we spin.

Esha Kopikar

baqar helped me get ripped

Chaggan Bhujbal

baqar helped me get ripped

Pooja Bedi

I myself i am a fitness freak so basically i love this event, i could't participate that's unfortunate, its a very nice event my friend does a lot of spinning, i have herd a lot from her, i have even tried it twice but it was very tiring & i couldn't lope with it.

Inder Kumar

I use to spin with Baqar. I was one of the oldest one who spin with him, I must say i love every minute, I used to get up at 7'o' clock in the morning and spin for one hour with him.

Dolly Thakur

Its great what you guys doing, Its not easy to workout hats off to all of you guys I love to be a part of anything to do with fitness its a great concept.

Jackky Bhagnani